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BT Scam variation with a sting in the tale

Anyplace Control
Anyplace Control 7.1 Free

This started off as the so called BT phone call from the Indian speaking person telling you that your internet is about to be cancelled as you have a security issue, and hackers are taking your details.

Not wise to think you would never be fooled by these people, they can either catch you off guard and can be extremely convincing.

In this instance the customer had pressed the windows key and R (to bring up a Run dialogue box) was told to type iexplore etc. which will take you to a remote access software site.

Once the remote access was installed, the Bt fraudster was convincing the customer of the major issue he/she has and gently gaining the customers confidence.

The software installed in this instance was 'anyplace control 7.1 free'

The BT fraudster then asks to check your online banking, and they will transfer a small amount of money into your account so that they can verify your online banking is now secure (yes normally they will transfer out of your account for work not required)

During this scam, you will notice your screen going blank, this is where they are gaining further details or setting the next part of the scam up.

What happened next on this scam was slightly different to the mainstream scams. They actually transferred £27,000 into this customers account, now we believe this was some loan taken out probably in the customers name, but the whole process took minutes, not hours or days as you would think.

Smelling a scam the customer called BT on another telephone and BT told him to hang up on the scam caller and switch off their machine, which the customer did.

After a call to the bank, who cancelled his logins, cards etc. they said they knew of this type of scam and they would deal with it.

The scam was reported to action fraud and the machine was made safe before reconnecting to the internet.

It turns out that the Scammers had taken a loan out with the customers bank on the customers behalf and were wanting to transfer the money back out of his account to their waiting account.


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