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BT Scam Recording

Here is 24 minutes you will never get back, but will give you an idea of the so called BT Internet Scam phone call people are receiving.

Firstly they ask you how many machines are on your network, then tell you 'The Fibre Hackers' are using your internet and because they are obviously BT they want to help you secure your machine and network.

So they show you a CLSID screen which shows you a static hexadecimal number which all windows 10 machines will show. They will then confirm this number to you, proving that that are BT apparently.

Once done, we move onto the Event viewer errors, these you are told are the 'Fibre Hackers' using your internet and this is 'BAD'

Next stage is to allow the so called BT Scam merchants access to your machine by Teamviewer.

At this point , if you have let them on, please call to get free advice from us.

Below is the actual recording


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