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Business User Training

Having worked in the IT industry within business for over 30 years, we know how important it is for computer users within an organisation to work efficiently and with confidence.

Many hours are wasted by computer users not understanding the easiest way to achieve their job role using IT, and this can be addressed simply with correct targeted training.

Our training solutions are refined to what your business requires, and can be made to roll-out for new staff when required.

Understanding of security can reduce the risk of exposure to your business.

Home User Training

Home users often embrace computers or get frustrated with them. Either way they have generally purchased them for a purpose in mind.

We can tailor a training solution for each customers requirements which is delivered at a level the customer is happy with.

Windows Operation Training

Backup and Restore

Website Design





Apple Mac, Imac, Macbook

How to build your own PC

Gadget Training

Gadgets in the home are commonplace in today's world, and we can offer a set cost solution to train you how to setup and use these devices.

Smart Tv's

Personal Assistants (Alexa, Google, Siri)

Internet connected Hifi (Sonos, Bose)

Mobile Phones (Iphone, Galaxy S9)

Tablets (Ipad, Galaxy Tab, Kindle)

VR Solutions (HTC Vive, Occulus)

Smart TV Boxes

Digital SLR


Mobile Broadband Solutions

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