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Data Recovery Services - Nothing Recovered = No Fee

Every method of data storage will not last forever, so when you were sold that 4 terabyte backup drive and were told you would never need anything else, it becomes a surprise when it no longer works in a year or two.


The large storage devices are mechanical - These will Fail

The smaller (faster SSD) non-mechanical storage devices - will Fail

USB Sticks - will Fail

CD/DVD - Will Corrode and will Fail

Cloud Storage - May change its strategy or pricing

All the above methods of storage serve a purpose and suit customers in different ways.

The key to data storage, is :- Ensuring your data is on multiple storage mediums and you have tested restore of it.

Often there are times you just wish you had done the above, but in a imperfect world we can help recover any data that may be important to you.

We provide a free evaluation of any storage device within 2 hours of receipt. a written report is provided with the evaluation detailing potential recovery percentage and maximum time to recover.

Any data recovery process is non-destructive and does not invalidate any warranties. 

Step 1

Discuss with us:-

What is the priority data

Where it was stored


When it was last accessible


What occurred before losing it


Was any cloud storage running?

Step 2

Your device is physically examined, damaged memory sticks checked for connector damage.

Mechanical hard drives checked for physical damage, motor spinning up, motherboard corrosion.

Step 3

Storage device is thoroughly checked for potential data recovery, any data would be recovered to a separate storage device (the separate storage device will be decided upon when the recovered data capacity is known)

Customer is called with the result of analysis and potential recovery percentage and time given.

Recovered data is returned to customer with a list of data recovered.

The original storage device is labelled with the customers details and marked as failed.

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