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Laptop and Desktop PC Repair

We offer a customer focused solution in 3 simple steps:-

1 - Free Call Out and diagnosis of the problem (completely free and unbiased)

2 - Practical recommendation given to customer based upon machine age, condition and requirements

3 - Set cost of job agreed, and timescale given (95% of repairs are same day)

IT Training Services
Support Services and 

We offer computer support on laptops,desktops,servers and mobile devices

Backup and Security of systems

Best practice methodologies

Smart home device linking and support

Apple Mac training and Support

Virus Removal Services
Virus Pop-Up or Slow Machine

There are many security risks when using a computer attached to the Internet. many users are not even aware tat their machine has a problem and is acting as part of a group of other machines sending spam emails out.

We offer a set cost maintenance service in this area and show how future issues can be avoided

Ransomeware protection and support

Virus Removal Services
Computer Upgrade Services
Upgrades and Servicing

Many machines sold by large retailers are sold at a cost point that is attractive to a buyer.

Often a cost effective upgrade to the machine can double the speed of the machine and maintain the machine is efficient to use and not frustrating

Gaming machine design and build

Multi screen monitor solutions


All repairs are done and given a guarantee. Any cost is always agreed by the customer and no work is undertaken that the customer did not want or need.


Operating systems such as windows and Apple Mac OS expects to be kept up to date. Operating systems do become obsolete and not supported which means they are potentially a security risk by using them.


From the box networking appears to be very straightforward. Unless it is done correctly you can quickly get into a mess where you are switching devices off and on, rebooting routers and access points to get some service back.

We offer a set cost and best practice approach within this area.


90% of all machines will have an air cooling system within them. majority are just a simple fan and heat sink which need to be running efficiently so the processor can run at its optimum speed.

Depending on where machines are located, they all draw in air (with dust and debris) and build up a blockage on heat sinks.

This can be easily removed which maintains the machine runs smoothly, extends life of the components, keeps the noise down and keeps components running at the designed temperatures.


Most people have a desktop,laptop and a tablet or smartphone. Desktop or Laptop used for creation of documents and ease of use and phones/tablets for the convenience of social media,email and quickly looking something up.

Security on some of these devices is often overlooked, email setup can sometimes be an issue. We can help with any mobile device issue you may have.

Apple Mac / Macbook 

We provide a full Repair / Support service on :-

Macbook Repair

Macbook Air Repair

Imac Repair

Imac Service

Apple Imac Repair

Apple Mac OS upgrade / Re-install

We also provide training on Apple Mac OS on customer sites.

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