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Having been a PC gamer since the days of 3DFX, Voodoo Graphics days, playing games like G-Police, the 3DFX cards revolutionised PC gaming from the old pc graphics in Doom.

You can pretty much spend as much as you wish on a PC gaming machine, however the price/performance curve flattens out early on.

This means you can create a gaming machine that will do everything you need for a cost effective price.


Once you have a gaming machine, it is common to upgrade areas within it. This has to be done strategically as key components such as power supply quality and capacity have to be considered before increasing load upon it.

Other considerations are how cost effective an upgrade is. On occasions it will not be worth putting money into old RAM, when newer technology RAM would be far more price/performance effective.

Gaming machines need a good air flow, and dynamic fans need to change speed immediately to keep key components cool.

If these components are not kept within their temperature tolerances crashes and life of these components will be decreased.

We provide a set cost service of all machines, which clean air ways, fans, heat sinks and connectors

Laptop Protection
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