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More and more devices require a connection to the internet in the home, claiming to change your life for the better and give you greater control.

In reality once you have got over the excitement of what the device is going to provide you, the task of connecting it and keeping it connected can be a struggle.

The home network as does a business network has to be based on a solid infrastructure.

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Smart Lighting

Amazon Echo

Echo Dot

Google Home Hub

Google Assistant


Smart Heating

Phillips Hue

Nest Thermostat

Ring Door Bell

Wink Hub 2

Samsung SmartThings


Bose Wave

Energy Smart Meters

Just some of the devices we can setup and show you how to use


One of the first devices to require a connection to the internet.

Most Smart Tv's offer two ways of making that connection:-



Ideally Ethernet is always the best option and can in most circumstances be achieved with cable or powerline adapters

Wifi signal and Strength can vary, a radiator in the wrong place can make all the difference to the signal, so careful planning of any infrastructure installed is key to a reliable smart TV

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