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         Home Networking

Home networks may appear simple to setup and run, however with wifi being something you cannot physically see , it is often far more of a problem than you would first think.

Many parameters affect how your home network will run, and we can come out to you, test and determine how best you can get the devices connected in your home efficiently.

       Business Networking

Business networks tend to grow from two machines sharing data and a printer, to half a dozen machines needing to share a Sage data file or resources on the network.

Unless the infrastructure is solid, known and is secure, any additional facilities you install will be prone to dropping offline or being slow.

We can test, determine and get your business network running securely and at its optimum.

       Guest Wifi Security

For Business, Guest Houses, Clubs, Pubs, Bed and Breakfast or home.

It is important to have control over your internet access, We can evaluate your requirement and implement a solid completely separate local area network so no devices can be seen across these networks or security breached.

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