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500px User Accounts Stolen

Photography sharing site 500px has had thousands of user account information stolen by hackers which is now available on the dark web for sale.

Any photographers out there who have used the same password you did with 500px, need to ensure they change their passwords on every site they use the same email/password combination they did for 500px

500px: 14,870,304 accounts for 0.217 BTC ($780) total

1.5GB of data taken July 2018. Each account record contains the username, email address, MD5-, SHA512- or bcrypt-hashed password, hash salt, first and last name, and if provided, birthday, gender, and city and country. 500px is a social-networking site for photographers and folks interested in photography.

"Our engineering team is currently investigating and if we can confirm there was a breach we will take the necessary steps to inform our users as per GDPR standards," 500px spokesperson Stephanie Newell told us.


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