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Whatsapp Hack

So what was touted as being the un-encrypt-able communication method for cyber criminals turns out to have the biggest hack possible.

If you have had any calls through to your whats app account on any of these types of phones:-




Then you need to update your whatsapp app pretty much immediately.

The vulnerability in whatsapp is essentially like handing your phone over to a hacker (unlocked) and letting them have it for the day. Not only that the camera can be switched on remotely, microphone also.

The hack was probably written by an israeli company called NSO, who are dedicated to creating surveillance software.

This is called a zero click hack, which means, the user has to do nothing, not even accept the whatsapp call.

So whatsapp have patched this , so the update will fix this issue, however do we really think that their are no other issues waiting or already found within whatsapp.

And as for all the checking that Google playstore , Apple store and Microsoft store do before letting any app loose in their domain. Whatsapp is a primary application used by millions, not a one man band naff game with ads.

If these vulnerabilities are in mainstream applications in these stores, think carefully about downloading applications onto your phones or tablets.

Best bet - Remove it.


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