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New Laptop - Out of Disk Space?

There are many keenly priced laptops available nowadays that on face value look great.

The laptops have very small Solid state hard drives inside, which reduces the cost of the laptop to the customer and also maintains a low spec laptop generally operates ok.

What many manufacturers fail to tell you, is that after a few windows 10 updates the solid state drive will be almost full and windows 10 will be complaining about lack of disk space.

Yes you can delete as much as you can from the areas you have access to and run some ccleaner and disk cleanups. but with a minimal maximum storage, any space saved will generally be picking at the surface.

The best method is to get a fresh install of Windows 10 without any of the bloatware that is shipped out with the machine from the factory.

With 32gb as you can see below, its quite a challenge to keep Windows from running out of space, Windows updates will continually fill the drive up and windows will leave temporary files behind as its in use.

If your machine has a SD card slot, an SD card can be used and windows configured to use it for its standard document areas by default.


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