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Losing monitors on RTX 2080?

The Aurus RTX 2080 Extreme has plenty of ports for displays on its interface.

The tricky part is , how windows 10 and the Nvidia drivers configure them.

If you find you lose monitors once they have been powered off, this is the reason:-

Each time the machine is switched on, the RTX card will look and see what devices are on which ports, I.e. 3 display ports and 1 hdmi.

Once windows 10 loads, its plug and play will reconfigure itself, removing the nvidia drivers and re installing them(in the background) until the driver config matches the RTX card config.

The problem is, this can take some time to reconfigure, by then most people have assumed there is an issue, manually intervened , powered off and back on.

The key is:- make sure all display devices are powered on before you switch on the PC. And only make cable /port changes when absolutely required.


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