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Liquid damage mac book air

The smallest amount of liquid can find its way quickly through the gaps around the keys, onto the main board inside a mac book or laptop.

Wet wipes can also cause the same issue, so I would not recommend cleaning a laptop keyboard with wet wipes, the best way is to use a very small amount of diluted kitchen surface cleaner on a lint free cloth (none bleach)

The picture below shows a mac book air main board that had liquid damage, which had caused component failure on the board.

Mac book air main board corrosion
Mac book Air main board failure

If you ever spill anything on your laptop or mac book, turn it over immediately so the keyboard is facing to the earths core, unplug the power lead, remove battery (if possible) and place plenty of kitchen towel under the keyboard.

Leave it like this until you can have it checked out thoroughly and do not be tempted to switch it back on just to see.


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