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Apple Watch - Cannot Get Mail

Cannot Get Mail

No Connection

available to retrieve

messages for Out-

look, Exchange,Ex-



Got a Cellular Apple Watch and not getting emails when your watch is away from the watch and only connected by cellular data?

Other apps on the watch working fine with Cellular data only?

emails not working even if the watch has a WiFi connection that’s working?

Oddly enough, when the watch is on cellular and the phone is set to airplane mode.

if you refresh the email on the watch, the watch symbol comes up on the mail app icon on say an IPad that has the same Apple ID on it. This suggests that the email app on the watch is being blocked by Apple


I have tried everything to cure this:-

Making sure Watch OS is current 6.0.1

Making sure Phone IOS is current 13.1.2

Reset the watch

Removed the email accounts and re-added

Removed the data plan and re-added it

Refreshed the E-sim on the watch

Replaced the E-sim on the watch

Reset Network settings on phone

Reset all contents and settings on both phone and watch

None of the above cured the problem

This is an Apple problem and needs to be addressed by Apple soon.

This fundamental requirement used to work, and along the way someone at Apple have messed up the code



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