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27" Apple Imac Service

The Apple Imac is built very well and although the older units get very warm to touch they adopt a good air flow design within.

Air is drawn in through the bottom of the unit, past the memory modules and hard drive.

Full of dust
27" Apple Imac memory module access area

As you can see from the image above, the 2 memory modules installed are covered in dust and the two spare sockets are also covered in dust.

The image above shows one of the cooling fans in the Imac, this one is getting quite dirty with dust build up, which will cause additional heat build up, noise and potential earlier failure of components.

This image shows the cooling duct within the Imac

And this image shows all the components from the front, and the two fans visible


The Imac is serviced and components both sides of the motherboards are cleaned of dust

The image above showing the cooling duct above the hard drive

This image showing a clean cooling fan after service.

All Heat sinks are now free from blockage.


For a set cost , we will maintain your Apple equipment extending its life span, ensuring its is running efficiently and with minimal noise and wear.


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